Advertise products from Amazon on Facebook

1. Log in with your Click2Sync account here

If you don't have a Click2Sync account create one here

2. Connect your Amazon account

To start synchronizing your products, click on the button "add storefront"Amazon new connections step 1

To begin loading your products you need to enter this information:

  1. Seller ID
  2. Authorization Token
  3. The target marketplace
you dont have a Token you can click on the link "How to get token?" and follow the instructionsAmazon new connections step 2

Upon authorizing Click2Sync will start to load your Amazon products into the platform(The first time load can take a considerable amount of time)Amazon new connections step 3

When the process is completed you can view your products from Amazon on Click2SyncAmazon new connections step 3

3. Connect your Facebook account

Click on the "add storefront..." drop down and select de option marked as "Facebook ads"Facebook Step 1

Click2Sync will ask for authorization for "Facebook ads". Click on the "Login to Facebook" buttonFacebook Step 2

A pop-up will appear if you are not logged in to Facebook you will have to do it, if you are already logged in click on "Continue as *" button (The "*" represent your first name)Facebook Step 3

Click in the "Ok" buttonFacebook Step 4

Select the page from where you want to post the products and ads, then select the Product Catalog that you want to use. After selecting both options press the "Scan products" buttonFacebook Step 5

On the lower right corner you will see a notification indicating that the process is running, wait until you see the notification change to "first time load complete". After it finishes you can view your products on Click2Sync. (Note: The first time load can take a considerable amount of time)Facebook Step 6

4. Now send the products from Amazon to Facebook

Select a product from Amazon that you want to import and enter the description pageImport Step 1

The product detail page will show up, the tabs marked with a "1" on the image represent the different places that your product is on. In this example(The image) the product is only on "prestashop" and you can add it to the different connections by pressing the tab that is semi transparent representing the connection where you want to add the product.Import Step 2Import Step 3

The new product equivalence for the selected connection is created, information of the product now is in green text, this means the data is going to be added. You can make specific modifications to this version of the product here.Import Step 4

When you are done click on the "save" buttonImport Step 5

To send the product to your Facebook instance click on the "sync" buttonImport Step 6